Paleo Friendly Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

One of the hardest items for me to give up in my new Paleo lifestyle is pasta. I LOVE pasta. Spaghetti, fettuccini, tagliatelle, penne, bowtie…. You name it… I love it – except for maybe angel hair. Well, we all know that pasta is a no no for Paleo and South Beach diets alike, so we have to get creative.

Mostly, I use spaghetti squash as my spaghetti pasta substitute, but no more. I found something better! Some of you out there might already know the secret that I’m about to share but for the ones that don’t, you are in for a treat. Yellow and Zucchini Squash! They are the PERFECT pasta substitute! I washed them thoroughly and then thinly sliced them with a vegetable peeler. They look like ribbons and they are very elegant. The next step was for me to blanch them for three minutes in boiling water. You can eat them raw as well but I prefer cooked.


The end result is nothing short of fabulous. You have to try this and let me know what you think. I’m dying to know!




Power Paleo Breakfast


Now that I am no longer brainwashed to believe that carb overload is the only way to enjoy breakfast – you know what I mean, pancakes, waffles, syrup, grits with cheese (wait…I still love that stuff!!) – I am able to enjoy awesome food like this blackened Tilapia.  I put it over a bed of sauteed kale and topped it with a beautiful sunny side up egg.  YUM!

This may be my new favorite Paleo friendly breakfast.  What’s yours?  Vote Now.




Paleo Friendly Football Sunday Snack


So Hummus is not exactly Paleo diet approved but I couldn’t resist.  This gameday hummus was made with black beans for an extra punch of flavor and no salt.  Then I topped the hummus with extra virgin olive oil and smoked paprika.  Instead of pita bread or crostini slices, I used sliced sweet red bell peppers.  Now beans are not exactly on the Paleo list of approved foods, but we’ll count it as a very healthy “cheat” snack.  Happy Football Sunday All!!!





Mommy Lane Traffic Jam: Soccer vs Volleyball

Volleyball game at 5:30 pm and soccer practice across town at 6 pm.  Today was a tough one logistically speaking.  I’m sure all of you busy moms (and dads) know what I mean.   So what do you do when you’re only one person and you have two kids that you want to be there for?  The solution is never easy since I would love to be at every game and every practice for both of them.

But…I had to choose; and since it was the first day of soccer practice, off to the field I went.  I dropped Robi off to her game (they won!!!) and grandma met Robi there to support her and the team, then brought her home (thank you mom).

At soccer, Drew had a great time meeting his team, hanging with his best friend bella (see photo above) and getting back into the swing of playing soccer.



That  is…until he was stung by a bee or a hornet on the field near the end of practice!  He’s fine now, thank goodness but there was a well deserved mini meltdown to deal with.  Poor thing.  Let’s hope he has better luck at the first game this Saturday! 

Do you have similar stories?  I’d love to hear them.  Leave your comments below because there’s never a dull moment in the mommy lane!




Happy Birthday Mome

So today is my birthday and I am officially 29…again. And on this birthday, this 29th of mine, I received the best present ever. My son made me a birthday card in his own handwriting with his own thoughts.



Allow me to translate:
Happy birthday mommy. You are the best mom and because you let me sleep [with you] and because she lets me snuggle with her and I can’t do anything without you and you make me happy everyday.

I have the best son ever. What a lucky mommy I am!!!


Picking My Battles

So my little man demanded that he be allowed to stay up and watch a show on his iPad before going to bed. I could see that he was exhausted and yet, I started arguing with him about how he needed to go to bed. It’s late….you’re tired…go to bed. He argued back.

Then I realized…why am I arguing with a six year old. Fine…watch your show I say. But you have to do it in bed.

Five minutes later…


Next time, I will pick my battles more wisely! Goodnight Drew. I love you.



So Now What

For the first time ever, I’m letting my daughter go out on a “date”. Not one on one (she’s only 14), but she IS in high now and so I figured she could go out…in a group – equal number of boys and girls, to the movies. But what do I do in the meantime? I’m to far to go back home and none of the movies I want to see sync up time wise with the one she is seeing. So what now!?!?

Looks like I’m going bowling with mom! What a great idea to put a bowling alley in the mall next to the movies theater!!!


I wish there was one close to my house. I’d go all the time. What’s better than beer, burgers and bowling with some friends?


Of course this meal is not exactly Paleo approved…but I am entitled to at least one cheat meal a week! Don’t judge…I’m having fun!

Nevertheless, when my daughter comes out of the movies, I’ll be right here to get her. No wandering around aimlessly with a bunch of teenagers while waiting for me to pick her up!

Not a bad first date experience for her or me!