Mommy Lane Traffic Jam: Soccer vs Volleyball


Volleyball game at 5:30 pm and soccer practice across town at 6 pm.  Today was a tough one logistically speaking.  I’m sure all of you busy moms (and dads) know what I mean.   So what do you do when you’re only one person and you have two kids that you want to be there for?  The solution is never easy since I would love to be at every game and every practice for both of them.

But…I had to choose; and since it was the first day of soccer practice, off to the field I went.  I dropped Robi off to her game (they won!!!) and grandma met Robi there to support her and the team, then brought her home (thank you mom).

At soccer, Drew had a great time meeting his team, hanging with his best friend bella (see photo above) and getting back into the swing of playing soccer.



That  is…until he was stung by a bee or a hornet on the field near the end of practice!  He’s fine now, thank goodness but there was a well deserved mini meltdown to deal with.  Poor thing.  Let’s hope he has better luck at the first game this Saturday! 

Do you have similar stories?  I’d love to hear them.  Leave your comments below because there’s never a dull moment in the mommy lane!



Happy Birthday Mome


So today is my birthday and I am officially 29…again. And on this birthday, this 29th of mine, I received the best present ever. My son made me a birthday card in his own handwriting with his own thoughts.



Allow me to translate:
Happy birthday mommy. You are the best mom and because you let me sleep [with you] and because she lets me snuggle with her and I can’t do anything without you and you make me happy everyday.

I have the best son ever. What a lucky mommy I am!!!



It’s official. I’m obsessed with grilled and roasted vegetables!!!


Who’s with me?


Picking My Battles

So my little man demanded that he be allowed to stay up and watch a show on his iPad before going to bed. I could see that he was exhausted and yet, I started arguing with him about how he needed to go to bed. It’s late….you’re tired…go to bed. He argued back.

Then I realized…why am I arguing with a six year old. Fine…watch your show I say. But you have to do it in bed.

Five minutes later…


Next time, I will pick my battles more wisely! Goodnight Drew. I love you.


So Now What


For the first time ever, I’m letting my daughter go out on a “date”. Not one on one (she’s only 14), but she IS in high now and so I figured she could go out…in a group – equal number of boys and girls, to the movies. But what do I do in the meantime? I’m to far to go back home and none of the movies I want to see sync up time wise with the one she is seeing. So what now!?!?

Looks like I’m going bowling with mom! What a great idea to put a bowling alley in the mall next to the movies theater!!!


I wish there was one close to my house. I’d go all the time. What’s better than beer, burgers and bowling with some friends?


Of course this meal is not exactly Paleo approved…but I am entitled to at least one cheat meal a week! Don’t judge…I’m having fun!

Nevertheless, when my daughter comes out of the movies, I’ll be right here to get her. No wandering around aimlessly with a bunch of teenagers while waiting for me to pick her up!

Not a bad first date experience for her or me!


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner…It Doesn’t Matter


Who says you can’t have breakfast for lunch, or lunch for dinner? Not Paleo.

One of the best things about the Paleo diet is eating what I want when I want. So if that means a grilled salad or a steak for breakfast then so be it. As long as I’m satisfied, it’s all good.

So today for lunch that means an omelet, grilled fish and a few roasted tomatoes. Yum!


Weekend Lunch on Paleo


If you like fish then mealtime on the Paleo can be a real treat. Today I’m having blackened tilapia with grilled asparagus. What’s on the menu for you fellow Paleo dieters today? I’m always up for some new recipes!


Baby Ice Bucket Challenge

Since so many people are participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge, it is no surprise that my 6 year old son Drew has seen some of the videos.  As a result he too chose to participate and the results….well they were funnier than I could have ever imagined!



I guess he didn’t realize how cold ice-water would be!  Poor Drew!  Never again.  In the end, he really was a good sport!



My Paleolicious Lifestyle

Grilled Salad with roasted cherry tomatoes

A few years ago I swore by the South Beach Diet Plan and it worked very well for me…for awhile.  After time, I just found it impossible to stick with.  So here we are three years later and I am completely happy and satisfied with my new lifestyle change featuring the Paleo Diet.  Using this method, I never feel hungry not even in the first weeks which should have been the most difficult period of time (and was during phase one of the South Beach Diet) since this is the transition from eating all of the bad foods.  Maybe it’s because I knew that the Paleo diet accounts for “cheat” meals.  Based on the level of commitment, I could “cheat” up to three times per week.  That definitely helped to get me through the transition.

Now, following the Paleo diet is just a part of my lifestyle and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.  Even more than that, I have learned to LOVE salads – more specifically grilled salads.  I can eat them all day everyday!  They are quick, easy and honestly, the grilled flavor makes me feel like I’m eating something heartier than I really am.  So far (I’m three months in) I have lost 21 pounds and I feel amazing.

So for all of you dieters out there looking for a way to boost your weight loss goals, I suggest Paleo.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to help!



Week in Review: First Days of School – 2014-2015


It’s been a successful first week back to school. One (my daughter Robi) started high school and the other – my son Drew went to first grade!


They are both excited for the many adventures they will have and lessons they will learn. So much so, Drew has asked for a cuckoo clock (don’t ask) to ensure that he gets up on time everyday!

So here’s to a great first week, I wish for many more to come and I would love to hear how your first weeks are going!



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