Another Great Brunch


I love visiting my mom and getting pampered with beautiful food! My husband and kids love it too. Feels like a beautifully relaxing and stress free weekend ahead. Thank goodness.

The power is up for grabs

I am a huge fan of Big Brother because there is just something that really intrigues me about the social experiment premise. From a physiological standpoint, it is very interesting to see exactly how people behave behind closed doors when no one is watching.  Now, I know that in the case of Big Brother, people ARE actually watching, but since the house guests always tend to forget this tidbit of information, we really do get to see the infamous closed door behavior up close and personal and this season in particular has been very interesting as a result.

So, to all my fellow Big Brother fans out there, I just want to share what I desperately wish wish wish would happen on the show this coming week.

1.  Amanda goes home TODAY!!!

As much as I would love for that to happen, I am pretty sure that it will be Howard that goes home today.  She is a very strong player who has been able to successfully manipulate the minds of most of the people in the house.  There is definitely a groupthink situation going on and Amanda is the leader.  If the house guests could somehow break the stupor they are in, it would be a great game changer.  Judd and Ginamarie have already mentioned the discomfort in being bossed around and controlled.  So here’s hoping.

2.  Candice Wins Head of Household (HOH)

Winning today’s HOH competition would either send many people running for cover or increase their levels of indignation towards Candice.  I am interested to see which category certain people would fall in.

3.  Amanda and McCray are nominated for eviction

Do I really need to explain why?  Well, maybe I should.  So here goes… They are a powerhouse showmance.  Granted, Amanda is holds the power in the relationship, but McCray seems very laid back and smart so I believe he can get far in the game.

4.  America is MVP and nominates Aaryn for eviction

5.  Candice wins the power of veto (POV)

This would be awesome because then Amanda, McCray and Aaryn would be up for nomination.  McCray would be safe.  Either Amanda or Aaryn would go home.  What a win, win completely dramatic situation this would be!

Sugar. Butter. Pink.

I know this is not the most profound post to re-introduce myself to the world of blogging  but…what the heck is cotton candy made from – besides the obvious?

My four year old son was NOT happy with my after camp l snack choice for him today.  Cotton Candy flavored mini cupcakes.  What’s even worse, according to him, I should have provided him with two after day camp snack options so that he had a better chance of getting something he liked…I may be wrong…but I think he may be a bit demanding and spoiled.  Still cute though.

Somebody’s Excited


Look who was busted messing with presents under the Christmas tree this morning!!!!  Looks like Santa needs to remind Drew to be a good boy when he sees him tonight.  Don’t want to end up on the naughty list there buddy!

Warning: Towel Racks are not Swings


I love this rack that I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond some time ago.  It hangs on the wall in the kids bathroom and it’s perfect for hanging up towels.  The hooks are oversized and I never have to worry about the towels looking messy or falling off the hooks and onto the floor.  Well it seems that Drew likes it too…as a swing.  The other night, he literally tried to swing on the end of a hanging towel and broke the rack out of the wall!!!!  Thank goodness he’s okay.  Chef Hubby will have to fix the wall though. 

Boys.  Where do they come up with these marvelous ideas?!?!?! 

The Tree is Up!


Well…The tree is up tonight as promised, but it’s not finished.  I am the ultimate slacker!  Chef Hubby took the tree down along with all of the ornaments and decorations this morning.  So when the kids and I got home this evening…all we needed to do was trim the tree.  Easy enough right?  Wrong!  I forgot to get hooks.  Ugh.  So the tree is up – minimally decorated – and the gifts are underneath.  Well, most of them anyway.  Santa will be providing the rest (wink, wink).

Hopefully I won’t forget hooks tomorrow and we can finish trimming the tree.  We will get this done before Christmas day!

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Can you believe that I do not have the Christmas tree up yet?  Normally I insist on it going up right after Thanksgiving.   But this year…I swear I blinked and it’s December 19th, six days before Christmas.  It’s not all my fault though, it’s been a really busy few weeks.  I promise, the tree will be up tomorrow morning – Chef Hubby will do the honors of getting it from the attic. I’ll have photographic evidence posted tomorrow evening after we trim it. 

Anyone else slacking on Christmas tree duty?  If so, please share…Misery loves company. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast


I’ve posted this picture in the past here about South Beach dieting. But no matter whether I’m dieting or not, I love love love this breakfast item and I make it ALL the time.  It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s full of fresh flavor.

Normally, I prepare this dish with large beefsteak tomatoes but on the day I took this picture, I was able to find yellow heirloom tomatoes at the grocery store.  Too cool.  Stack the tomato slices with two pieces of lean turkey bacon, one or two eggs over easy (or however you like your egg), fresh cilantro – my favorite herb – one slice of low-fat Colby Jack cheese, salt and pepper.  Yum.

It’s a really filling dish that I feel will leave you satisfied, but if you need a little more; pair it with 4 ozs of Greek yogurt, fruit and a cup of coffee.  You’ll have the perfect quick, easy and healthy breakfast.

Not So Fast Dear

What a long week.  In addition to all of the normal run of the mill mommy stuff, I signed up to be a volunteer at the FHSAA Girls Volleyball State Championships.  I figured it would be a great way to help in the community,  learn a little more about the sport my daughter loves so much AND I would get credit at Robi’s club for this years dues (I know I know, I wish I could say I volunteered just for the satisfaction of helping others).

The volunteer meeting was on Monday night and I let Robi tag along with me.  I’m so glad I did.  We toured the facility and our potential assignments were explained.  One of which was shagging balls.  At this, Robi scoffed and said there was no way she would do that for seven hours a day during the tournament.

I couldn’t believe she said that.  Robi had no problem with me being an indentured servant working off HER club dues, but she had no desire to help herself.  Is this what I have to expect from my budding teenager?  I really hope not.  In any case, all I had to say is…open mouth insert foot.  Guess who shagged balls Friday night and all day Saturday.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the look on her face when I found out that I could sign her up as well.  It was priceless.

And the Championships?  They were great.   We had a lot of fun and a handful of girls from Robi’s club were volunteering with their moms as well.  Congrats to all the teams that won.  Those girls can really play some volleyball!

As for Robi and volunteer work…I think I’m going to be looking for more opportunities for her to give back (and me too).  Helping others is important and volunteering is a great way for her to learn appreciation and humility for the life that she has.


I miss it.  Being Spontaneous. More specifically…I miss going to the store whenever I want.  Is that silly?  Getting the urge to do something, anything, and acting on it the moment I feel like it.  No planning.  Just action. 

The only reason why I even remember what spontaneity means, is the fact that on occasion, I actually find myself with the precious golden opportunity to be just that.  Spontaneous.  It comes out of nowhere, like a shooting star.  Blink, and I may miss it. 

On any given night, my lovely mother will show up on my doorstep to take the kids for a weeknight sleepover – she’s pretty awesome.  Chef Hubby’s at work.  Score!  I’m alone…but not lonely.  The house is quiet.  Ummm.  What a feeling.  Oh, and I can do whatever I want!!!!  Yippie!  I think I’ll take a nap.  Just kidding.  I do NOT let these moments go unappreciated. 

The last time I was blessed with this most welcome present of me-time, I lounged around, did a little housework and went to bed around 8pm.  But I wasn’t tired and felt like I should be doing something more.  So around 11pm – after much internal debate – I actually got up and went to a local hangout for some wings.  Now that’s spontaneous.  I even stopped at a gas station to fill up…AND went INTO the store instead of having to pay at the pump in order to avoid taking Drew out of his car seat!  What a great night!  I felt like I was in college again. 

Here’s to more opportunities for us parents to be spontaneous! 

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